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About to X-Men: Dark Phoenix –

This was going to be the end of an era. This Hollywood adventure action film was made after 19 years. This adventure film is made after 12 films. This movie, produced by Fox, was produced with the X-Men franchise X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Let me tell you, this Hollywood film is the second adaptation of the most iconic film, X-Story. Its first part was made in 2006 under the name X-Men: The Last Stand.

However, the action film was supposed to hit theaters in June but missed out on Dark Phoenix. There is still a lot of demand for Avengers adventure film in the world. In the era of the still Corona epidemic, people like to see sitting for the time pass.

X-Men: Dark PhoenixΒ 

By the way, the Avengers endgame adventure movie was the biggest film ever. Dark Phoenix was just one of many movies to underestimate this Hollywood action film. X-Men’s performance at the box office may not have been excellent. Nevertheless, the demand for this film has increased very fast with the passage of time among the people.

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If we talk about streaming this movie online. For this, you have many options. Netflix may prove to be the best choice for you to watch this movie. By the way, on Amazon Prime Video, you can see this film by taking its membership.

Also known as X-Men Dark Phoenix and X-Men, this adventure film’s story is 114 minutes in total. The release date of this film is 7 June 2019 in the United States. Talking about the production of this film, it cost a total of 200 million dollars.

If we look at the expenditure, its value in Indian rupees will be around 15,036,020,000.00 rupees. Which will be a huge amount. Anyway, much of the money is spent making most Hollywood films.

According to which the US dollar was spent in the making of this adventure action movie, according to it, the film did not do much at the box office. The total revenue from the film was close to 252.4 million. Which cannot be considered very good?

American Super Hero film, which was included in the list of 2019 Hollywood Adventure Movies, is mainly based on the Marvel Comic X Men character. The sequel to this film was made in 2016. Which got a lot of entertainment from the audience.

Sophie Turner You are going to see this film as the lead actress. If you talk about them, then this is an English actress who has also worked in many great Hollywood films. You will also be seen in the film series X-Men made in 2016 and 2019.

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By the way, very few people will know that his full name is Sophie Belinda Jonas. He has acted in this film as Jean Gray / Phoenix. If we talk about some of the main actors and actresses working in this film, their names are as follows – James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, Jessica Chastain, etc.

Based on this action science fiction adventure film made in 2019, people have given a rating of 5.8 out of 10 according to IMDb. If we look at the ratings, this film is not so bad. According to Rotten Tomato, this film has got 23% votes out of 100 only, which is a lot of work according to me. According to Google, this film has been voted by 72 percent out of 100 people, which can be considered more appropriate.

If you really like watching movies based on Hollywood action and science fiction, then you have to watch this film. By the way, you cannot watch this film in any way for free. To watch this movie, you must take membership of Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

According to Google, the questions related to X-Men: Dark Phoenix –

1. Is Dark Phoenix the last X Men movie?

According to Google, a lot of people have a question whether the Dark Phoenix science fiction film will be the last film of this series? So we have not received any authentic information regarding this. We have to wait to get information about whether any more films related to this film will be made or not.

2. Was Dark Phoenix a flop?

According to Google, people have asked the question of whether Dark Phoenix has proved to be a flop at the box office. So we would like to tell you that it has not happened. The film has earned more at the box office than the money invested in producing the film, but it is not much. But we can say that this film has not proved to be a block in any way.

3. Who is the Phoenix in X Men?

People have a question as to who plays Phoenix in X-Men Phoenix? Let us tell you all, the character of Phoenix is ​​played by English actress Sophie Belinda Jonas in this Hollywood film.

Cast of these adventure movies:

  • James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Michael Fassbender as Eric Lehnscher / Magneto
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Raven / Mystique
  • Hank McCoy as Nicholas Hult / Beast, Sophie Turner as Jean Gray / Phoenix
  • Scott Shermer / T Sheridan as Cyclops, Aurora Monroe / Storm as Alexandra Ship
  • Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver, Cody Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner /
  • Nightcrawler. Jessica Chastain as Vasie
  • Scott Shepherd as John Gray, Eto Assendoh as Jones
  • Brian Diese James as President of the United States


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