World Music Day: Know when it started and how this special day is celebrated

World Music Day: Music has become an important part of our life whether it is happiness or sorrow, we like to listen songs and today different types of music are available in the market. Music has become so ingrained in our lives that we start trembling as soon as we listen to the tunes of music. Whenever we are a victim of depression, we love to listen to music and listening to it refreshes our hearts and minds. World Music Day is celebrated on 21st June.

Music Jalsa as first started in France

France is also known as the fashion city of the world and the first music festival was started in this country and it was celebrated in the year 1983 Since then it has been going on. There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to celebrate this day and you can see the world’s famous musicians entertaining people at parks, museums and railway stations and musicians do not take money in return. In today’s era, this festival is being organized in countries like India, Germany, China, Britain, Argentina.


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