Why Joe Biden said that America has to be embarrassed all over the world? it needs to be stopped


President of the United States, Joe Biden has taken less to stop the incidents of increasing gun culture and violence in the country, he has said that because of this, America has to be ashamed all over the world.

Everybody is worried about the rising gun in America. Widen himself is getting a picture of this from the US President. That is why he has taken a step forward to stop this, he has made the growing gun wireless in the country an epidemic.

Has given a reason. He says that because of this, America has to be ashamed in front of the whole world. He has said all this during the steps taken to stop the Gun culture in the White House.

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He says that he is in some way in the proposed amendments on this. Vice President Kamala Harris and Attorney General Marrick Garland were also present on the occasion.

In this regard, he has also tweeted that it has been said that his administration has taken steps to stop gun culture organ Balance in America.

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This includes stopping the offerings to the guns, controlling the changes made to the guns, adopting the Red Fangle Rule to the states, supporting communities that want to reduce the violations.

He says that it is difficult to find out about gun culture in America, but there is a lot of thinking about gun culture, he said that most people are of the opinion that the brake on gum culture Should be installed.

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According to him, the reason behind the reduction of gun culture is to discourage them from weapons.

He has also said that it is very regrettable that it took 5 years for Brady to pass the same, to ban many more deadly weapons.

It may seem, but it does not matter how long it will take, we have to pass it to save people’s lives.

The US President said that his government gets an opportunity to fulfill this responsibility to save the people. It is an opportunity for the government to show the world that there is democracy here.

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For this, we all have to come together so that We will be able to take a big decision. In his tweet, the warden has insisted on the closure of weapons with the high-capacity magazine. He has said that there is no reason to use any back-war.


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