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Bruce Lee’s magic power: Bruce Lee, whose full name is Lee Jun-fan, was primarily a Chinese-American martial artist. Bruce Lee was not only a successful martial arts instructor but also an actor, director and philosopher.

Sadhguru while talking about Bruce Lee says that what is the secret of his immense martial arts strength.

What is the secret of Bruce Lee’s magic power?

Sadhguru says that when Bruce Lee did not become very famous in Hollywood, he was called during an interview.

During that interview he was asked by a journalist whether he would like to showcase the strength of his martial arts with him.

This question was asked by some journalists because Bruce Lee had become a bit famous by his martial arts performance.

Image credit – Sadhguru

Bruce Lee told the journalist to stand after a swimming pool, the swimming pool was about 9 feet from where the person was standing.

Bruce Lee turned his hand wrists toward the person in such a way that the distance between that person and Bruce Lee’s hands was about 3 inches away and the man fell straight into the swimming pool.

The 182-pound man fell into the swimming pool with this punch from Bruce Lee. Sadhguru makes it possible that it is possible, because you are using Manipuraka.

Whenever you use Manipurka, you can create such situations. That when you keep any part of your body fixed in one place, but you can do whatever you want to move.

What is the secret of Bruce Lee's magic power according to Sadhguru - JioTvvinee
Image credit – Sadhguru

Sadhguru says that Manipurak can be dynamic, but it is not good to do so. Satguru says that some people who do certain types of martial arts and take their special training.

They move their Manipurak to perform some things but it is not good to do so. Because when you start using your Manipuruka to demonstrate the powers, then such a person’s life span is reduced.

Sadhguru says that you must have seen this in many films related to this, but there are also many yogis who can use their Manipuraka to move any object, without touching it.

You should keep in mind that when you use your Manipur, there should be no movement in your body.

In this process, when you are at the center of maintenance, you do not move your physical body. You are always sitting at the same place.


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