What is the importance of real knowledge?

What is the importance of real knowledge? - JioTvvinee
What is the importance of real knowledge?

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – If there is any happiness in life, we make many efforts to eradicate it. To overcome it, they collect money and do many things. We also want the circumstances to be favorable to us.

But if the circumstances of this collection and enjoyment, neither can we make the required collection nor can we change the circumstances as desired.

Actually, to be free from peace we need knowledge that can give us pleasure without all the collection and people and under any circumstances.

We know very well that whatever we make, it definitely worsens one day. Change is the law of nature; if happiness is found for a few days, then sadness also comes.

Therefore, we need complete knowledge so that in any situation we can walk on our path without any dilemma.

To be free from accumulation and stress, knowledge of truth is knowledge of truth, that is, knowledge of Vedanta. This knowledge should not be outside objects.

Rather it should be our own, that is, we should have the knowledge of the soul, which is the knowledge about our nature.

It does not belong to any laboratory, it can be different for each person. Rather, by having full knowledge and integrity, there will be no accumulation in what we do in the world.

Because, then we will be the same everywhere and under all circumstances, there will be no confusion or confusion in our mind.

After knowledge of self, we will remain the same in the state of awakening and sleep. Bhoga yoga will remain the same in coincidence disconnection.

There will be no fear of death and death in our life. Thus our knowledge will remain constant. Because the knowledge of the soul is Sahaja Yoga.

To be stable about ourselves is cooperation. Meditation should be resorted to in order to attain the knowledge of this soul.

Through meditation, we get a huge force in attaining enlightenment. We get away from all kinds of both and are definitely in an emotional state.