What did President Emmanuel Macron answer on India’s Kashmir issue?

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – A major statement has been seen from french President Emmanuel Macron, On which he has once again fully supported India on an issue like Kashmir.

He said that France has always supported India on an issue like Kashmir. And not only in Kashmir but in every security concert we have supported India.

And in which we did not let China play any kind of game against India at UNSC.
If it comes to the Himalayas, then now we can check our statement is very clear and clear.

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And the things we have said in support of India for the public. We have gone to the same things privately in China, they also said that China breaks the rules.

So we also have to be very strong and very clear and that is why this feeling of our Navy’s presence in the Indian Ocean Region.

Whereas according to president Emmanuel Macron, France is also very close to Squad Countries. And in the future, his Navy may also connect Naval Exercise with Quad Countries.

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Referring to the rest of the French Navy as the only representative European patrolling in Taiwan State.

He said this is not to provoke but to emphasize the need to follow international rules. And while talking further on this, he also said that why we do not want to escalate the confrontation.


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We have to keep a balance that everything can be done with peace and we have always been clear about every threat facing the rest of India.

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Then, even if it is the same issue as Kashmir, we are standing with India in the UNSC. And the rest of the French president’s adviser has also made.

It clear that France’s relationship with Pakistan is much less at the present time than it was before. What kind of dispute was there between the rest of France and Pakistan. You must have known about it.


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