US vs China: What is the viral truth of China’s biggest military exercise in Taiwan, know you too

US vs China: China has made the largest incursion on Taiwan yet. On Friday, the roar of 20 fighter aircraft, including four nuclear bombers from China on the outskirts of Taiwan, must have been heard by the American troops stationed in the South China Sea.

This is China’s largest incursion on the outskirts of Taiwan. This is his largest military operation on the South China Sea.

The most important thing is that China has carried out its military operation at a time when the US had given a very strict warning to China recently in the meeting of the Quad.

Japan, Australia, India, and the United States had a very deep concern over the quadrennial meeting of China’s interest in the South China Sea and the Indian Pacific region.

However, at that time, China had called this meeting very strict. After that, China carried out this operation after that.

After all, what is behind the China Cash military campaign, its big motive, is it really provoking America for war.

Same Prof Harsh Pant believes that the purpose of this large military exercise of China is not to provoke America to war.

The purpose of this campaign is to make America realize only after this that it has not deviated from its target at all.

He is firm on his stand on Taiwan. China has indicated to the United States and its ally that it is not going to listen to anyone on the Taiwan issue.

He continues to maintain his position that Taiwan is a part of him. Taiwan is under its sovereignty. It is part of its territory.

Prof Harsh Pant believes that his intention behind such a large military operation is clear that he is not going to bow to any military action and he is not afraid.

Then even if there is no America in front. It has shown its military might to America without fighting it. The China Neh threat is for all allied nations with Taiwan.

This military exercise of his may be an important lesson for American soldiers stationed in the South China Sea and Taiwan.

Prof Harsh Pant said that China knows that its biggest obstacle in the way of Taiwan is America. And that’s why he has targeted the US Navy fleet in his practice.

Now it will be interesting to see what stand America takes on this. Does America really adopt a strict military strategy to reduce China’s dominance in the region?

Now there is a game of hide and seek between the US and China in this region. Prof Harsh Pant believes that once again the wave of coronavirus has started to run in the world.

Countries of the world are engaged to a great extent to prevent the outbreak of coronavirus. In such a situation, it is time for China to show a lot of speed on this issue of Taiwan.

US vs China: What is the viral truth of China's biggest military exercise in Taiwan - JIOTVVINEE
US vs China: What is the viral truth of China’s biggest military exercise in Taiwan

That is why Taiwan and South Sea China have intensified all their military exercises. Joe Biden is the President of the United States after Trump in the US.

After winning the presidential elections, now it is a big challenge for him to deal with the internal condition of the country.

So it will be very interesting to see how much Taiwan and its allies support the nation in such a situation. While China is also taking the test of America, how much it supports Taiwan.

Prof Harsh Pant said that a very new power balance has been established in the world between the agreement reached between Russia and China after the quad meeting.

After Russia’s alliance, China is no longer alone. In such a situation, with which strategy does the US support Taiwan, it has to be seen.

But it is certain that after the alliance of Russia China, the chances of war in this region have decreased, a new cold war has knocked it out.

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