US President Joe Biden announced to give $1400 to every American citizen, released a relief package of Rs 138 crore

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – USA President Joe Biden announced to give $ 1400 to every American citizen. There was an election in the US shortly before, in which Joe Biden has been declared the winner after defeating Donald Trump.

However, there was a lot of discussion about this US election, but just a few days ago, Trump has accepted his defeat by a tweet.

And now Joe Biden will be sworn in as the US President on January 20. He has also announced a $ 1.9 trillion relief package to put American economies severely affected by Corona back on track.

If we look at the Indian currency according to it, it would be close to Rs 138 lakh crore. Let me tell you that this package has to be passed by both the Houses of the US Parliament.

That is what Biden said that after the implementation of this package, every American citizen’s account will be given $ 1400 i.e. about one lakh rupees.

Apart from this, small businesses have also been given a lot of relief in this package. Let us tell you that this package has been named Rescue Plan in America.

That is the way they have clearly distributed this package. And it is clear from this that we have decided to give business, education, and relief to every American.

In this package, $ 415 billion will be spent on the war against Corona. And the same would clearly transfer $ 1400 billion to the account of every American citizen.

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While $ 440 billion will be spent to improve the small scan business. The same that Biden has made clear that the minimum wage will be paid to every employee’s account at $ 15 per hour.

Whereas before this process was U-dollar. They are speculating that there may be problems with this package. Because when Donald Trump announced this package.


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At that time, the Democratic Party had raised a lot of questions. That is still the majority of the Republican Party in the Senate and they can put a block on it.

Apart from this, no separate announcement has been made for the defense sector. If objections can also arise.

Jo Biden has described this package as a crisis and a very difficult way. He further said that whatever we have to do, we have to do it immediately.

That is what Biden wants 100 million American citizens to wax in 100 days. While Biden wants to increase the unemployment allowance to $ 300 to 400.