Upcoming Twist Kundali Bhagya: Valentine’s day Special Tart romantic scene of Karan and Preeta

Upcoming Twist Kundali Bhagya: Valentine's day Special Tart romantic scene of Karan and Preeta - jiotvvinee
Upcoming Twist Kundali Bhagya: Valentine's day Special Tart romantic scene of Karan and Preeta

Valentine’s day Special Kundali Bhagya: In the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya, you will see that Akshay breaks the marriage with Kritika and he gives the reason for breaking the marriage to Preeta.

After breaking the marriage, Akshay starts leaving from there, after which all the householders try to stop Akshay and Rakhi also folds her hands in front of Akshay.

But Akshay does not stop and he goes from there and he says that I just Due to Preeta’s suspicion, I am breaking this simple. After hearing this, Kritika also breaks herself.

After Akshay leaves, Kareena tells Preeta a lot of good and Sarla tells Preeta that Preeta can understand her family no matter what she does but she will never listen to you.

She will always misunderstand you. Hearing all these things, Kareena also tells Sarla a lot and the argument starts again between them, which Karan tries hard to calm down but both of them are not calm.

Sharla tells Kareena that Kritika is like my daughter, on this Kareena says that you do not do my daughter Kritika with comparison because Preeta’s two relationships are broken or not my daughter.

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Preeta starts crying after hearing all these things and Kareena tells Preeta to leave this house and after hearing all this, Karan says that if Preeta goes from this house then I too will leave this house.

Kareena tells Karan that if today Had he not brought Preeta to this house, his sister Kritika would have been married today.

After this, Kareena tells Karan that you do not speak in the middle and speak with Preeta to go to Luthra House.

After this Sarla says, do you get my daughter from here, I take my daughter from here Do not trust anyone who has no respect in the house.

I will not let my daughter stay in that house. Hearing all these things, Karan tells Sarla that what faith are you talking about.

Preeta also does not believe me, that is why she did not tell me that she is gathering evidence against good. On this, Sarla tells Karan that the relationship of husband and wife rests on trust.

Karan says how can I believe in Preeta, she did not tell me anything. And after that, Sarla starts holding Preeta’s hand.

Karan is very angry and he goes to his room and starts packing all the clothes of Preeta. When Srishti calls Karan’s mobile, Karan angrily speaks to Srishti that I want to get away from Preeta, so I am sending her goods.

Now in the next episode Valentine’s day Special Kundali Bhagya. Whether the distances that have been created between Preeta and Karna will be able to be corrected or whether the distances will increase even more.