ullu web series: Top web series, How to web series download?

ullu web series: Ullu web series is an Indian on-demand streaming platform. Today we will talk in detail about the best web series to be released in 2020.

You will also know about the process of How to Web Series Download. After all, what web series can you see on Ullu apps and how to download it.

What is Ullu Apps –

The Ullu app is an Indian on-demand streaming platform maintained by Vibhu Agarwal. On this video demand platform, you can watch the ullu web series as well as some of the latest Hollywood, Hindi South films.

Let us tell you that the owl app is available for all smartphones, laptops, and PCs as well as tablets that work on Android and iOS operating systems. Which you can install in your smartphone from Google Play Store without ever paying.

The ullu app is a web portal on which video is streamed and any movie can also be downloaded.

Its headquarter is in Mumbai Maharashtra India. It is a streaming company, on this you can get to watch the ullu web series, Owl original movie.

It was launched on 25 December 2018. In this application, you also get the option of Hindi and English.

Where can I watch ULLU web series?

We are going to know about the list of ullu web series. Let us tell you, a total of 53 web series are available on the ullu online video streaming platform. It also has many best web series. How you can watch these web series, we will discuss them further.

1. MeToo Wolf Of Bollywood

2. 26 January

3. 3G Gaali Galoch Girl

4. Anniversary Surprise

5. Auction

6. Black Coffee

7. Bribe

8. D-Code (Deewangi)

9. Dance Bar

10. Dubeyji & The Boys

11. Gandu

12. Generation Gap

13. Guardian

14. Halala

15. Ishq Kills

16. julie

17. Kasak (Part 1)

18. kasak (part 2)

19. Kasak (Part 3)

20. Kavita Bhabhi

21. Kavita Bhabhi season 2 (Part 1)

22. Kavita Bhabhi season 2 (Part 2)

23. Kavita Bhabhi season 2 (Part 3)

24. Khul Ja Sim Sim

25. Kirdaar

26. Maid in India

27. Melting Cheese

28. Mona Home Delivery

29. Right Or Wrong

30. Riti Riwaj (Haldi) Part 5

31. Riti Riwaj (Tijarat) Part 4

32. Section 377

33. Shubharati

34. Singardaan

35. Size Matters

36. Size Matters 2 (Part 1)

37. Size Matters 2 (Part 2)

38. Sunny Winter (Part 1)

39. Sunny Winter (Part 2)

40. Sweet Lie

41. Tadap

42. The Bull of Dalal Street (Part 1)

43. The Bull of Dalal Street (Part 2)

44. The Bull of Dalal Street (Part 3)

45. The Choice

46. ​​The Host

47. The Producer

48. Virgin Boys (Part 1)

49. Virgin Boys (Part 2)

50. Wanna Have A Good Time

51. Wanna Have A Good Time 2

52. Woodpecker (Part 1)

53. Woodpecker (Part 2)

Best web series available on ullu –Β 

MeToo Wolf Of Bollywood –

MeToo Wolf of Bollywood is an erotic suspense thriller web series. By the way, let us tell you that only people above 18 years can see this web series. If we are going to tell you about the story of the MeToo Wolf of Bollywood web series in fewer words. According to ullu web series list this short film at first position.

We will talk further about how you can download this web series. This story is Karan Mathur who is a very successful mobile investment banker in this story of 2018. The one who settles in Mumbai is preparing for his wedding, he wants to get married to a sweetheart in his office named Avantika Sharma.

She is trolled a lot from her friends. She has a special friend named Sana who gets married for that wedding because Sana is already in relation to Karan. Raises. Karan gets this whole case investigated to go to reality, some kind of story is going to be seen in this web series.

The cast of MeToo Wolf of Bollywood –

If we talk about the casting of the MeToo Wolf of Bollywood web series, this web series has been made under the direction of Deepak Pandey. All the characters working in this web series are as follows – Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Kharbanda, Bikramjeet Kanvarpal, Isha Anand Sharma, Ridheema Tiwari, Ana Ilmi, Paras Madaan, Nibedita Karmakar, Aanya Bhaanndari, Gehana Vashisth, etc.

Let us tell you that this web series has a total of 8 episodes, with an average of 25 to 30 minutes per episode. Which you can see exactly on your smartphone, tablet, or other devices.

By the way, in this web series, you will also get to see some romantic scenes. You will also get action in this web series. If you want to download and watch this web series, then for this, you have to download the owl app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store.

After that, by selecting the option of the web series and opening this web series, it will have the option of download where You have to download it by clicking.

Anniversary Surprise

Anniversary Surprise is a web series. This is the best web series among all the short films available on Ullu. In this ullu web series, you will get to see suspense thriller scenes as well as some erotic scenes.

A total of 35K people have watched this web series so far. This web series has a total of 3 episodes. Whose episodes are 10 to 13 minutes on average? This web series is a short film. We are going to tell you further how you can download this web series.

The short story of this web series is such that a murder occurs in a resort but the person who murdered is not known in any way. Priyanka, the wife of Raj Malik, Mahi who is Raj’s secretary. Mahi falls in love with Raj. You are going to see some of this type of story in this web series.

Rest if you want to watch this web series once to fully enjoy it. If you are really crazy about the web series, then you should watch this web series for money. There will also be a lot of romance in it. Worth seeing for individuals over 18 years old.

The Anniversary Surprise web series is produced under the direction of Bhavin Wadia.

Some of the main characters working in this web series are as follows – Yash Pandit, Sikha Chhabra, Tarun Khem & Swagata, etc. By the way, you continued to play a role in the best way. Let me tell you that this short film is included in the Best Web Series.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is a fantasy drama. This is a short film love story. It is third in the ullu web series 2020 list. This short story has been viewed by 17000 people so far. A web series called Black Coffee is available on Owl Originals.

If we talk about the story of this short story, then there is an internal service called Black Coffee, which speaks about Riya who falls in love with someone. The person whom Riya loves is a boy.

However, Riya falls in love with the boy at first sight. The boy’s name is Arjun who is lost in his imagination. So that you will have to watch this web series completely to enjoy this short film.

This web series called Black Coffee has a total of 2 episodes with an average of 12 to 14 minutes per episode. This web series has been produced under the direction of Deepak Pandey.

If we mention some of the main characters working in this short film, then they will be like this – Kajal Shankawar, Sparsh Shriwastva, Akshaya Shetty, Diksha, etc.

This film included in the ullu web series is very full of romance. If you like romantic web series, then you must watch this web series once.

How to web series download?


How can I watch ULLU app for free?

How you can download these web series, we are going to talk about them step by step in detail. Well, nowadays it is the time of web series. Because the web series is being well-liked by the audience.

Demand for web series starting from Mirzapur is increasing day by day. You can follow these steps and download the total 53 web series included in the list of ullu web series 2020, so let’s know.

How do I download a web series?

1. First of all, you have to turn on the internet connection in Android smartphones.

2. After the internet connection is turned on, you have to open the Google Play Store app on your smartphone.

3. After opening in your Google Play store, you will see a search option. In which you have to search by typing ullu.

4. As soon as you search by typing owl in the search box, you will be provided with the download link of the ullu app on the top front page of your smartphone.

5. By clicking on that download option, you have to install the ullu app on your Android smartphone.

6. After installing the ullu app on your smartphone, it has to be opened. When you open the ullu app, you will be asked for permission for location photo media, etc. of your smartphone, which you will have to do OK.

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7. As soon as you move these things by clicking on the option of OK, after that the ullu app will open in your smartphone. Available on this owl app, you have to select the option of web series. In which all 53 web series serial wise available, you will start to see.

8. First of all to see all 53 web series included in the list of ullu web series. ullu has to go to the right corner option of the app. Where you will see the sign in and register option at the bottom right side.

9. On which you will have to click and sign it with the Gmail or Facebook ID available on your smartphone.

10. As soon as you sign the ullu app, you can see all the web series available on it. How to download web series

Is ULLU TV free?

Give us a try for the first 4 web content packages for free. You can watch every trailer in Owl Free. This will help you decide which is the most exciting content for you. The Ullu app offers various variants for different people who want to watch videos on Ullu.

Disclaimer –

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