Udaariyaan written update episode 76 -Fateh’s father will see Tejo

Udaariyaan written update episode 76 –  In the upcoming episode, we will see that Tejo will be found out, in fact, Fateh’s father will see Tejo.

In this episode, it is seen that Tejo suddenly disappears somewhere Tejo gets hurt after hearing Jasmin’s bitter words. And the family members are also very much worried that where did Tejo go, whether there was any untoward incident with her.

The same Fateh will also be very much worried about Tejo and he will find Tejo madly in the whole city but Tejo will not find him anywhere.

And Fateh will also be very much worried as to where Tejo has gone, after which Fateh will return home after giving up tired. And will be very much upset and will pray to the Lord that now Tejoji is your only support, nothing should happen to Tejoji.

Actually, Tejo is going to be revealed in the coming episodes, in fact, Tejo will not be anywhere else but in the gurudwara.

And when the next day Fateh’s father will go to the Gurudwara and pray there, only then some women will hear him talking and they will know that Tejo is this.


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Actually, Tejo will be in the gurudwara itself and will be washing a lot of utensils and the women there will tell Tejo that you are washing dishes since morning.

You will feel pain in your hand, but Tejo will be so upset that she will be cleaning very big utensils herself while staying in the gurudwara.

After which Fateh’s father will come to him after hearing this and he will get Tejo, which means that Tejo is safe wherever he is. And she is in the gurudwara just doesn’t want to go home because what Jasmine has told her has hurt Tejo a lot.

Because she loves her sister Jasmine the most and Jasmine has broken Tejo’s heart. At the same time, Fateh is also very much surprised to hear Jasmin talk that how can anyone do this to his sister. And Fateh is shocked to see this behavior of Jasmine.

So will Fateh adopt Tejo as his wife after seeing this behavior of Jasmine, but now it has to be seen whether there is any behavior in Fateh’s behavior after Tejo’s return. And should Fateh forget Jasmine and start a new life with Tejo. So that upcoming episode of serial Udaariyaan written update to be more exciting.


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