Udaariyaan written update 21 June 2021: Teju and Fateh are going to fight

Udaariyaan written update 21 June 2021: Teju and Fateh are going to fight in the upcoming episode. We will also know who else is behind all this.

Jasmine has made a complete plan to ruin the relationship of these two within 1 month. Jasmine will do something within a month so that Fateh’s tension is going to increase a lot.

From here onwards we will see that Tejo gets into a fight with Fateh by cleaning the storeroom. Here Fateh’s mother also gets very angry with Tejo.

And his heart breaks rapidly. A fight ensues between Fateh and Tejo over this matter of Mummy. He will tell Fateh Teju that you have got peace. You broke your mother’s heart, I had already told you not to do all this. But you see dirt everywhere.

Without it is clear that your food is not digested. Actually, when all the people of the house had gone out, Tejo had cleaned the storeroom and kept the things lying in it outside.

When Fateh’s mother sees her, she feels that Tejo is creating distance between me and Fateh. Due to which they start getting tense.

Fateh’s mother is also going to scold Tejo for this. But Fateh supported Tejo. The same Fateh will feel to the mother that Tejo is taking Fateh away from her.

Here Teju’s mother does not want anyone to touch the old things of the house. They are a little worried about this. On the other hand, Jasmine is also adamant on her insistence.

What is she going to do within a month that will create hatred between Fateh and things? It will be very interesting to see Udaariyaan written update on the 21 June 2021 episodes.


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