Udaariyaan written update 18 June 2021: Jasmine will take revenge on Fateh and Tejo

Udaariyaan written update 18 June 2021: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Fateh is going to forget Jasmine and start a new life with Tejo.

In fact, in the show, Jasmine also decides that she will continue to teach Fateh a lesson and Jasmine reaches the same place where she has called to meet Fateh.

The same Tejo here reads the message that Jasmine has sent to Fateh and she starts worrying a lot about Fateh that why Jasmine is calling him.

Same Tejo thinks that Fateh has gone to meet Jasmine but when she comes out and sees Fateh is exercising on the terrace, she is very much surprised that why Fateh has not gone to meet Jasmine.

Then suddenly the doorbell of Fateh’s house rings, Fateh thinks that Jasmine has come and he comes running and opens the door, then Jasmine is not there, then Tejo asks Fateh why he did not go to meet Jasmine.

Hearing this, Fateh becomes fond of how she came to know, then Tejo tells Fateh that she too had read the message and Fateh feels that Tejo is spying on her.

The same Jasmine gets very angry with Fateh and says that I will teach Fateh a lesson, now I will marry within 1 month and will also go to Canada.

On the other hand, Tejo and Fateh are overjoyed as some things from Fateh and Tejo’s childhood are found in Fateh’s storeroom with which they start playing.

And now in the upcoming episodes, it will be very interesting to see whether Jasmine will once again poison the lives of these two. So that next upcoming episode of Udaariyaan written update 18 June 2021 to be more entertaining


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