Udaariyaan written update 17 June 2021: Fateh decides to go to Jasmine

Udaariyaan written update 17 June 2021: In the upcoming episode of Udaariyan we will see that Fateh is in a state of intoxication and Fateh’s mother and her grandmother have also come to the house.

Actually, in the show, Tejo does not want Fateh to meet her mother and grandmother as he is in a state of intoxication but Fateh meets Tejo’s mother and grandmother.

Later, Fateh sees the tiffin lying on the table and is overjoyed as it contains the churi of his choice which Tejo has prepared for Fateh.

At the same time, when Tejo’s mother and grandmother leave, Fateh cries a lot while lying on Tejo’s lap as he is completely broken because of Jasmine.

And he tells Tejo that I love Jasmine very much in spite of what she has done to me. The same Tejo silences Fateh and says but Fateh cries a lot and says that everything is over now I can’t understand how I will live without Jasmine.

And in the Udaariyaan written update coming episodes now it has to be seen whether Fateh will go to Jasmine and what do you think to tell us in the comments. So that next upcoming episode of Udaariyaan written update 17 June 2021 to be more entertaining.


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