Udaariyaan written update 16 June 2021: Naughty style of Tejo and Fateh

Udaariyaan written update 16 June: In the upcoming episodes, we are going to see the naughty style of Tejo and Fateh. Next, we will see Tejo tells Fateh that I am going to clean your room.

After listening to Tejo, Fateh says that what were you in the municipality in your previous life, when you see that cleanliness is lying to you.

That room is clean for me, only then Teju tells Fateh that where are you going by hiding your face. My talk is not over yet. Fateh gets angry after hearing Teju’s words. He says that if my bus runs, I would never have shared a room with you in my life.

Teju tells Fateh again that you take out all your belongings, you are a number one lover. On hearing this, Fateh gets very angry on his mind.

In this way, we will get to see Tejo goes to Fateh’s room to clean his room. During cleaning, he finds Jasmine’s photo. Taking this, Tejo starts remembering the moments spent with Jasmine.


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Then suddenly Fateh opens the door of his room and he asks him where eggs and butter are kept in the fridge. Frightened by this, Jasmine’s photo falls from Tejo’s hand and breaks.

Seeing this, Fateh gets very angry with Tejo. He picks up her fallen photo. Then Tejo tells her that I am sorry for this. Give it to me I’ll fix it.

Then Fateh tells Tejo that you should not touch any of my things. Here Jasmine is also coming back to Fateh after fighting with her family members.

Thus, it will be quite interesting to see what else happens between them. So that upcoming episode of the serial Udaariyaan written update 16 June 2021 to be more interesting.


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