Udaariyaan Today full episode 77: Romantic moments of Tejo and Fateh

Udaariyaan Today full episode 77: In the upcoming promos of the serial Udaariyan, we will get to see some romantic moments of Tejo and Fateh.

Actually, in the next promo, we will see that when Fateh is sleeping in his room, Tejo will be doing makeup. The button on the back of Tejo’s suit would break during the make-up. Tejo or not will understand how she will fix him.

The same we will see further Tejo will be seen searching the needle thread to perfect her suit. Only then we will get to see that Fateh’s sleep will be broken.

Fateh will tell Tejo that you had run away from the gurudwara. Please let others sleep. Then Tejo will get a little scared after hearing Fateh’s words. Tejo will back down to hide the button of her suit.


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Then suddenly Fateh’s eyes will fall on the mirror in front. He will see the broken button of Tejo’s suit. After that, he will say sorry to Tejo.

In the upcoming episodes of Serial Udaariyan, it will be very interesting to see whether Tejo takes Fateh’s help to fix the buttons of his suit. Or it will fix itself. So that upcoming episode of serial Udaariyaan written update to be more exciting.


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