Udaariyaan Episode 239, Written Update: Tejo and Fateh will be face to face once again

Udaariyaan Episode 239, Written Update: The very interesting twist is going to be seen again in the upcoming Udaariyaan Episode 239 because now Tejo and Fateh will face to face again here as Fateh is now working at the petrol pump.

Actually in the show where we will see that Fateh and Tejo will have a face-off at the petrol pump because Fateh is now working at the petrol pump only.

Udaariyaan Episode 239
Udaariyaan Episode 239

In such a situation, when both Angad Mann and Tejo are going somewhere sitting in their car, only then their petrol will run out and they will go to get petrol at the petrol pump, only then Angad Man will say Veere full petrol in the car.

After which Fateh will start pouring petrol in the car, only then suddenly his eyes will go on the glass of the car and he will see Tejo and Angad Mann, who will be very fond of seeing him, then the same Tejo will also see Fateh working at the petrol pump.

In the Upcoming Udaariyaan Episode 239, And she will immediately get down from the car and she is also going to talk to Fateh, now all the truth of Fateh Jasmin is going to come in front of Tejo but now it also has to be seen whether Tejo’s truth can also come in front of Fateh of false engagement.

And will Tejo forgive Fateh after knowing all this and will be Tejo and Fateh again, by the way, tell us by commenting about what you guys think.


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