Udaariyaan Episode 226, Written Update: Jasmine’s dream shattered because of Fateh

Udaariyaan Episode 226, Written Update: Jasmine’s dream shattered because of Fateh – There is going to be a big bang in the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan Episode 226 as finally, Fateh’s last surprise is about to explode due to which Jasmin’s dream is going to be shattered.

Udaariyaan Episode 226, Written Update - Sarkariflix
Udaariyaan Episode 226, Written Update

Actually, we are going to see a lot of interesting twists in the show, here Fateh is going to give his last surprise to Jasmin, here we will see that both Fateh and Jasmin have also sat in the airplane to go to Canada.

On this last occasion, Fateh will give a very big surprise, in fact, Fateh will burn Jasmin’s passport going to Canada, seeing which Jasmine will be completely fond of seeing and she will say to Fateh, what have you done Fateh?

That is, Jasmin’s dream of going to Canada again is shattered, due to which Jasmin is going to be very sad, after that Jasmin will also complain to the police station and will also take the police to Fateh’s house.

But now in the Udaariyaan Episode 226, it will be very interesting to see in the upcoming episodes what has Fateh come to know about Jasmin, due to which Fateh punished Jasmin such a big punishment.

By the way, what will happen to Jasmin when her dream is broken in front of her eyes, then what do you guys think with Jasmin Fateh, tell us by commenting.


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