Udaariyaan 11 June written update – Fateh will fight Jasmin for Tejo

Udaariyaan written update – In the upcoming episode, we will see that Fateh will fight Jasmin for Tejo and will ask questions to Jasmine.

Actually, Tejo will go missing in the show and when her in-laws come to know about this, she will get very upset. And Tejo’s father will start worrying a lot that after all Tejo has gone, where has she gone and the family will start worrying a lot about Tejo that.

After all, Tejo is safe or not, whether he has had an accident, Tejo’s father will go out to find him. And will say that I will check every hospital and bring back my daughter Tejo and all the family members will also be worried about Tejo too much.

But Jasmine will not mind, but she will tell everyone that why are you people worrying so much about Tejo, she will be safe wherever she is.

And there is no need to worry so much when she will come back home, Abhiraj will meet Fateh and say that Papa and all the family members think that Tejo has an accident.

That’s why the father has gone out to find him in the hospital, Fateh will also be blown away after hearing this and his family members will also get very upset.

And Abhiraj will also tell Fateh that today Tejo has cried tears of blood, that too because of Jasmine, Fateh will get very angry after hearing this.

And he will immediately go to Jasmine and question her that after all what have you said to Tejoji and seeing Fateh’s anger, Jasmin will also get nervous.

And Fateh will also get so angry because Tejo was already suffering so much because of Jasmine. And now what is said that she has gone missing, neither returned home nor knows anything about her.

And as in today’s episode, Jasmine has accused Tejo very wrong and also breaks all her relationship with Tejo.

And also said that from today you are dead for me and I am also dead for you, do not ever show me your face after today.

And where Tejo loves her sister very much and wants nothing but her happiness. In such a situation, these bitter words of Jasmine have hurt Tejo so much that she can do anything with herself.

And where Tejo thinks so much for her sister, how can her sister Jasmin be so selfish. And now it has to be seen whether Fateh will fight Jashmin for Tejo and he himself will find Tejo. So that upcoming episode of serial Udaariyaan written update to be more interesting.


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