Top Hollywood movies 2020, Movies in Hindi list

Top Hollywood movies 2020: Through this post, we are going to tell you about top Hollywood movies in Hindi ( top Hollywood movies list ).

We talk sometime before today, then the trend of Hollywood films in our India was very much work because almost most Hollywood movies were released in English languages.

Due to this, people living in India did not understand these Hollywood movies, for this reason, people did not take much interest in these films.

Top Hollywood movies 2020 in Hindi list –

But as time goes on and with the development of digital technology, things are going to change a lot. In this way, gradually, the interest of people in Hollywood movies is also increasing very fast.

Top Hollywood movies 2020, Movies in Hindi list

Because why not because now maximum top Hollywood movies in Hindi as well as many other languages, thus now the logo Is not having any difficulty in explaining the story of Hollywood films.

The GodFather –

The GodFather is a popular crime American Hollywood movie. Which is based on an actual novel? This Hollywood movie was released in the US in 1972 and was directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Albert S. Ruddy.

The film is based on Mario Puzo’s novel and the novel has been the best-selling novel of its time. The Hollywood film has two lead actors Marlon Brando and Al Pacino who play the lead actors in the film.

The film stars Marlon Brando as a father figure while the Al Pacino actor has a son that they both belong to a New York crime family.

Let me tell you, Paramount Pictures took the right to produce this Hollywood movie and for that, it had to pay about $ 80,000.

The GodFather movie was released on 15 March 1972 in the United States. The total gross in this Hollywood movie was around 245 to 286 million dollars, at the box office.

Actor Brando was selected for the Best Actor Award under the 45th Academy Award in the Hollywood film. It was also nominated for the Hollywood Film Oscar Award.

In The GodFather film music was given by Nino Rota while cinematography was done by Gordon Wills editing by William Reynolds Peter Zinner. GodFather film ( Top Hollywood movies 2020 ) was produced by Paramount Pictures Company.

To tell you for the information, the total budget for making this film was $ 5 to 6.5 million dollars while the total earnings from this Hollywood film were around 245 to 286 million dollars.

King Kong –

Hollywood’s most spectacular and epic monster film is King Kong at number two in this series. King Kong film, Top Hollywood movies in Hindi list it was 2nd number.

This epic monster movie was released in 2005. The producer of this film is Peter Jackson. You might be aware that in this Hollywood film, three film stars have worked together named Naomi Watt, Jack Black, and Adrien Brody.

The King Kong Hollywood movies were shot in New Zealand from September 2004 to 2005. This Hollywood film started from $ 150 in Surat in New Zealand to $ 270.

Whereas let you tell this Hollywood movie, the demand for this Hollywood film was such that when it was released in Germany and the USA on 14 December 2005.

This Hollywood film did wonders on Gaya too and grossed 50.1 million from this film, while this Hollywood movie proved to be a blockbuster film of its time.

King Kong became the fourth highest-grossing film in Universal Pictures history at that time and the fifth highest-grossing film of 2005. It succeeded in selling $100 million in AAP Pass by selling DVDs on its only home video releases.

Let me tell you that this film is a full 3 hours 21 minutes. If seen, this movie is also very much adventurous, grossing around $ 550 million from this film.

Of which around 100 million was earned only by the selling of DVD cassettes of this Hollywood movie. 

The people who liked this movie gave a lot of positive comments towards this movie, the audience praised this film very much because people did not get much to see such a film and for some people, watching such a film was the first Was the bar.

You probably know that the film has also won three Academy Awards. Including the Best Sound Editing and Best Visual Effects Award.

A tie-in video game was also released after King Kong Top Hollywood movies 2020 became a hit, which is based on the same films. If we tell you the story of this film in a few words.

It will be something that in this film, the filmmaker, Carl Denham, and his crew on Gross Island face a gorilla and are imprisoned and brought to New York City.

But, when he invades the city, he gets into trouble. Adventure/Fantasy film King Kong is added to the top Hollywood movies list.


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