Top fastest bowlers in team IND: The number one bowler rules the hearts of all

JioTvvinee: We will tell you about the Top fastest bowlers in team IND, who has bowled the most. Jasprit Bumrah’s number comes in the top in terms of bowling the fastest. Jasprit Bumrah’s first match while playing for Mumbai Indians in IPL did not prove to be very good.

Top fastest bowlers in team IND –

Bumrah is currently one of the top fastest bowlers in team IND. Jasprit Bumrah is known for throwing balls at a speed of 145 km continuously. In the 13th season of the Indian Premier League 2020, some fast bowlers have done quite well in the first two-three matches.

especially, Top fastest bowlers in team IND just like Bumrah Navdeep Saini and Mohammed Shami, the Indian team is known for its strong batting and spin bowling. But in the last few years, the fast bowlers of the Indian cricket team have presented a very dangerous bowling scene. Today, in this article,

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More importantly, Bumrah can upset the batsmen with a sharp bouncer by hitting them at the helmet. After this, Mohammad Shami’s number comes in this list. Mohammad Shami is one of the most dangerous bowlers of the Indian cricket team.

Even though they do not perform the fastest mace, they are capable of throwing mites at a speed of 140 km / h. Shami gets batsmen in a lot of trouble by swinging GayL in the air. The same next name in this list is that of Navdeep Saini.

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The young fast bowler did not make it to the national team after impressing with his balls in the previous edition of the Indian Premier League. Saini can bowl continuously at a speed of 147 km per hour. Naturally, Navdeep Saini can prove to be a trump card for the Indian team in the future.

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The same name in this list comes from Umesh Yadav. Yadav is a deadly fast bowler of the Indian team, he has the ability to bowl continuously at a speed of 150 km per hour. Umesh Yadav also swings his Ged, he has thrown his fastest Ged so far at 152.2 km per hour.

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And then he surprised the selectors, Yadav is currently an integral part of the Indian Test team. Ishant Sharma’s name also appears on this list. Ishant Sharma, the most experienced 6.5 fit long bowler of the Indian cricket team, came into the limelight in 2007 by troubling Ricky Ponting.

Ishant Sharma is able to bowl consistently at a speed of 140 km / h. He is constantly given a place in the Indian Test team and he is also known as the fast bowler, the leader of the Test team. These are the Top fastest bowlers in team IND.


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