Tiwa Savage Video: Women who criticize Tiwa savage are more sacred than the Pope – Actress Maduka

Tiwa Savage video: Women criticizing the Tiwa savage Sextape are more sacred than the Pope – Actress Maduka. Nollywood actress Actress Maduka has also given a statement for Tiwa Savage regarding the recently leaked Tiwa Savage Video.

Some Thing About to Tiwa Savage Video –

Tiwatope Savage is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, and a better actress. She was born in Isale Eko, Tiwa Savage moved to London at the age of 11 to get her early education. After five years of hard work, Tiwa began her music career doing backup vocals for artists such as George Michael and Mary J. Blige.

Tiwa Savage Video - Sarkariflix
Tiwa Savage Video(Tiwa savage Sextape)

Right now a video of him is going viral. Which the fans are doing by the name of Tiwa Savage Video. Although this video is his (Tiwa savage Sextape) private video. Which may have been leaked unknowingly on social media.

What said Nollywood actress Actress Maduka regarding Tiwa Savage Sextape?

Nollywood actress, Amara Maduka has slammed the woman who criticized singer Tiwa Savage for her leaked intercourse tape, saying she is performing extra holy than simply the Pope.

According to him, having sex was no big deal, adding that the people who used to scold him were hypocrites who did the worst things.

She said, “Everybody has sex, so what’s the big deal? People like to look down on others and that’s madness.”

She said she found that most of the women were cursing her, saying that “they are doing the most but will act pious compared to the Pope.”

Maduka continued: “Sex is a natural thing God has given to human beings to enjoy. Why is Tiwari’s case different? Because he is a public figure? Let’s not forget the low-life of a man who had a Shared video of a woman in her most ‘vulnerable state’.

β€œI hope she at least got a good orgasm for all the trouble, but I doubt she did it for him. Because she was helping herself along,” she told The Punch in an interview.

Q-Β  What is the Tiwa Savage age?

ANS: At the Current Time Tiwa Savage age – 41Β years

Q- What is Tiwa savage net worth?

ANS: At the Current Time Tiwa savage net worth – 92 Crore in Indian Rupee. It will equal ₦5 Billion.

Q- How can Get Tiwa savage video on Twitter?

ANS: Tiwa savage video twitter – A lot of his fans want to see his video on Twitter, above are some videos which have been taken from his social media account.

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