Suriya: Boss of biopics .. Carafe for acting .. Surya!

Real heroes are hitting the screen by showing the stories of hidden real heroes. ‘Jai Bhim’ came in this trend. Surya, a Tamil hero close to the Telugu people, lived in the role of Justice Chandra. Not only this .. he is the boss of biopics. Impressed in many of the characters screened based on real lives. Those details ..

As George Reddy in ‘Young’!

Mani Ratnam’s visual novel ‘Ayutha Ejuthu’, which came out eighteen years ago, is still remembered by many. Surya praised the student leader. Osmania University student leader and Telugu youth George Reddy is the inspiration for the role of Michael Vasant in this film which was dubbed as ‘Yuva’ in Telugu after a huge success in Tamil!

Surya’s performance as a leader in confronting the injustices of the college and as a student fighting against corrupt politicians was praised at the time. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, George Reddy impresses with his straightforward tough-guy style. Surya himself spoke to some of George Reddy’s friends for the film. Notice that Michael’s makeup is similar to George’s.

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Surya Sun of Krishnan- Gautam Vasudeva Menon

Leading director Gautam Vasudev Menon’s self-directed biopic ‘Varanam Aayiram’. ‘Surya Sun of Krishnan’ in Telugu. Gautam Menon’s father died while serving in the Army. Menon made the film based on the details of his mother, relatives and father and added some events from his life. It was one of the biggest hits of Surya’s career. The film, in which Surya played a double role as an army officer and his son, also won a national award.

Suriya: Boss of biopics .. Carafe for acting .. Surya!
Suriya: Boss of biopics .. Carafe for acting .. Surya!

Blood History- Maddelacheruvu Suryanarayanareddy

Rakta Charithra-2 is a movie in which Surya Meti gestures as the leader of a hardline faction and a leader who is furious with revenge. He made his direct debut in Telugu and Hindi through this film. The film tells the story of a feud between Paritala Ravi and Maddelacheruvu Suri, who wrote a blood history in Rayalaseema.

Although director Rangopal Varma portrayed the character of Surya as Yeturi Suryanarayana Reddy, it was inspired by faction leader Maddelacheruvu Suryanarayana Reddy. Although the film is not a super hit, Surya’s performance is called super.

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Seventh Sense – Bodhi Dharma

Bodhidharma, a glorious Buddhist monk who lived in the sixth century. He is a master of martial arts and ancient medicine. Surya transcended that historical man with the movie ‘Seventh Sense’. He trained for three months in martial arts and 16 days in kung fu for this historical and fictional film.

He was injured during the shooting. It was the biggest budget film of Surya’s career at the time. He was also a great success commercially.

The sky is your limit – GR Gopinath

The wing of the idea kisses the sky. With practice comes endless success. Born in a remote village, Gorur Ramaswami Iyengar Gopinath was a commoner who served as a pilot in the Indian Army and founded the Air Deccan airline. Surya starrer ‘Surarayin Potru’ is the storyline of his life. ‘Akashame Nee Haddura’ in Telugu.

Surya’s performance in the film was well received by critics and critics alike. The technical values ​​and the screenplay were all praised as fake. The story is about how a young pilot who returned from serving in the Indian Army worked hard to establish a cheap airline.

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Jai Bhim – Justice K. Chandra

Jai Bhim is the latest film to be tied to Surya’s performance as Real Hero Justice K. Chandra. Surya did a great adventure by becoming a commercial, star hero and also playing the role of an ordinary lawyer fighting for the downtrodden. Everyone, including critics, is praising Surya for taking him to another level by starring in this legal drama.

The film is based on real life events in 1993. He got all the information about him to live in the role of the moon. Read a book written by Moon. Surya did a lot of homework to know the formalities of the court. That’s why this biopic‌ reached out to everyone.


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