Sunil Gavaskar said- Rohit Sharma is very close to scoring a century in Test cricket

Former India captain Sunil Gavaskar has given a statement recently. Gavaskar has said that Rohit Sharma is very close to scoring a century in Test cricket.

He also says that Team India’s performance at Lord’s Cricket Ground was very good. Indian cricket team opener Rohit Sharma, who is seen in excellent form against the England cricket team, has so far failed to score a century.

However, in such a situation, former India captain and veteran cricketer Sunil Gavaskar says that Rohit Sharma has come very close to scoring a century in Test cricket against England.

Sunil Gavaskar - Rohit Sharma - Sarkariflix
Sunil Gavaskar and Rohit Sharma

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Rohit Sharma had scored 83 runs in the first innings of the second Test match played at Lord’s ground but during that time he failed to touch the 100 runs mark.

On this Gavaskar said that scoring a century is not everything. Sunil Gavaskar during a conversation on Sony Sports’ network said that in five-day Test cricket, no one has any idea how the pitch will behave.

Is there life on this pitch, the ball will bounce more such things? In such a situation, you need time for all these and the adjustment and temper shown by Rohit Sharma in the first innings was fantastic.

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This former veteran cricketer of India further said that he did it in the best way – which shots to play and which not to. Just look at the number of deliveries in England, some of them were very close to the off-stump.

This adjustment is mental and that is how Rohit Sharma has achieved this position. This former captain said, and this is the expectation we always have from a player.

If you find a player who can guarantee a score of 80. So in such a situation, he can give you 400-500 runs in a series of five Test matches.

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Now, what more does a captain want from him, yes it is different that not scoring a century always leads to disappointment. But scoring a century at Lord’s is not everything.

Sunil Gavaskar is sure that Rohit Sharma has come very close to the century. He said that if you score a century at Trent Bridge or Leeds, if you score a century for India in any part of the world, then it is very important.

The way Rohit is batting, he has a lot of time, and the position he gets, I myself feel like a century is just in his corner.

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