Sunil Gavaskar became a fan of R Ashwin: Said – He did what he said

Sunil Gavaskar became a fan of R Ashwin: The second Test match of the 4 Test match series is being played between India and England cricket team.

In this match, Indian all-rounder R Ashwin scored a century while batting brilliantly on his land. R Ashwin scored a total of 5th century in his Test cricket career.

This century of R Ashwin was praised by former India cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. Veteran player Gavaskar said that in such a way when Ged rotates a bit.

So at that time you will go ahead and play the cut shot while going back, you can also score runs.

And this is what R Ashwin has shown during his batting. On the way R Ashwin hit a century on his home soil, Gavaskar said that whenever you play in a field in India.

It is your home ground, but when you were a child you grew up and played with friends. Where you score runs or take wickets then it is a different pleasure.

The way Ravichandran Ashwin celebrated this achievement. He was very happy with it, even before he has scored 4 centuries.

But this century on home soil was great for him. Thanks to R Ashwin’s century innings, India gave England a target of over 450.

While praising Ashwin’s batting technique, veteran player Gavaskar said Ashwin’s shot selection was very good. Especially his sweep shot was very beautiful.

R Ashwin becomes the first Indian player to score a most century in Test cricket - jiotvvinee
R Ashwin

If you play sweep shots well enough, you can get a lot of runs. But if you play sweep shot or hook shot wrong then you have a lot of chances of getting out.

Because if the donkey does not appear in the middle of the bat, then it can go into the air by putting on the top edge and with this, you can lose your wicket.

R Ashwin today bowled his bowling during his batting. He knows very well which Ball, when, and how to leave. He only thought that he would not be out.

Ravichandran Ashwin himself said yesterday that a little patience should be shown and today he showed it by doing the same.

Sunil Gavaskar said about the performance on the Domestic ground that there are fans who appreciate your cricket a lot.

Which you enjoy a lot at that time, especially when you perform like this on your own land. Ashwin has become such an all-rounder player who has been making significant contributions for the Indian team, with Ged and Bat.

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