Statement, India selector Sarandeep Singh: Virat Kohli’s behavior during team meeting

Team India selector Sarandeep Singh:Β Former selector of the Indian cricket team, Sarandeep Singh has given a big statement about Virat Kohli, the regular captain of the Indian cricket team.

He told how Virat Kohli behaved during the team meeting. Former India selector and off-spinner said that Virat Kohli’s conduct during meetings with selectors is very comfortable.

Working with Virat Kohli is much easier. Because he listens to and respects all the people around him.

According to an English website, the former selector said that many people think captain Virat Kohli and Ravi Shastri choose the Indian cricket team.

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And do not give much importance to the opinion of the selectors, but it is not true, it is just a rumor.

Virat Kohli, the regular captain of the Indian team, takes full care of the respect of every person during the meeting.

Former off-spinner of the Indian cricket team, Sarandeep Singh said, “Whenever Virat Kohli comes, the team’s meeting lasts for about 1 or 1.5 hours.”

Captain Virat Kohli is a very big listener no matter what people think about him. The former selector said that whenever Virat Kohli is on the field, whether it is batting or fielding, his attitude is always aggressive.

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Virat Kohli – image credit – Getty image

But the more aggressive he is on the cricket field, the more simple he is outside the field. During the Indian team selection meeting, Virat Kohli’s nature is very polite and he takes a decision only after listening to everyone’s opinion.

Sarandeep Singh said, you will be surprised to know that there is not a single servant in Virat Kohli’s house.

This shows his nature when his guests come to his house too, then he and his wife Anushka make all the arrangements for their food.

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What else do you want, all the players of the Indian cricket team respect Virat Kohli very much. He is a very strong and aggressive person.

Former 41-year-old India selector and off-spinner Sarandeep Singh believes that he always expects a better performance from Kohli on the cricket field.

Being the captain of the team, it is important for Maidan Virat to be aggressive. During the match, all the pressure is on them because in difficult times they have to decide.


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