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Bollywood news: Sonu Sood has been engaged in coronavirus for the past 1 year. They try their best for him. Recently, he has shared a video on social media.

Sonu Sood has made an appeal to all the government through his video released. He has made a humble request to all the government through this video that the government should pass a law as soon as possible so that the Funeral of all the people dying due to the Corona epidemic can be done at least for free.

Sonu has told in this video released by him that how many people in the country have medicines.


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There is no money to admit the patient in the hospital and even the last grief of his family in case of death.

In this video released by Sonu, he tells how any person who is getting corona is struggling for oxygen to get admission in the hospital, even then they are not able to get the facilities. Huh.

In performing the last rites of any person, he is saying that it costs at least ₹ 20000. In such a situation, the funeral of 2000 to 3000 people is much more expensive.

Thus, it is requesting the Government of India that the government should at least pass such a law so that the funeral of any person can be done completely for free.


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