Sadhguru trolls over Yashoda telling Krishna’s lover, Kangana comes to her rescue

Kangana Ranaut has once again come to the rescue of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who is trolling with Lord Krishna and mother Yashoda. He has reprimanded trolls on social media.

Kangana has written in her post. “The leftists harass Sadhguru Ji with the claim that he promotes Hindu culture, yoga, and nationalism.

The rightists harass and taunt him by saying that he is a Liberal and cannot respect Hindu deities and scriptures. ”

Kangana has further written that it is not difficult to understand why Hindus were kept slaves for thousands of years.

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After all, what is Satguru’s Krishna-Yashoda controversy?

Actually, a video of Sadhguru went viral on social media recently, in which he was describing Yashoda as Krishna’s lover.

However, social media users found the meaning of Lover as a girlfriend, and Sadhguru was trolled. Later, the Isha Foundation gave them clarification and said that the video has been tampered with.

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Sadhguru described Yashoda, not as Krishna’s lover but devotion, Isha Foundation said in its statement that the viral video of Satguru has been removed from a program held in 2005.

Someone cleverly manipulated the video and shared it on social media –Β 

Recently, Sadhguru released a video, clarifying the viral video, saying that Shri Krishna was one of the many amazing women in his life.

Who was a mother in the beginning but later became his devotee? Some people misinterpreted this Lover word and they did not understand that Krishna is love and there is no one who cannot be their lover.

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Sadhguru further said that unfortunately someone added the meaning of Lover to someone else and started feeling disrespectful about him, I apologize to those who are really hurt.

Kangana has already been trolling for Satguru –Β 

Kangana Ranaut has given a befitting reply to the person who trolled Sadhguru earlier. For example, on 8 March, on the occasion of Women’s Day, Sadhguru told the woman a dimension. So the social media users had targeted him.

Kangana then posted in her defense. The actress wrote that the Indianattas, who have found the IQ of mice and the existence of insects, are targeting Sadhguru for calling a woman a gender rather than a dimension.

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They will be surprised to know that they have both their mother and father man and woman in the sun and moon. Stop fooling yourself.


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