Sabotage during rebuilding and repair work 74 years old Hindu temple in Pakistan

International News: Another Hindu temple in Pakistan has been vandalized. A 74-year-old temple located in the Purana Qila area of ​​Rawalpindi was attacked.

The police administration said that a case has also been registered in this regard in Bani Gala police station.

According to the police, since last month the work of reconstruction and repair of this 74-year-old temple was going on.

Due to this, at this time worship and religious rituals were not being done in this temple. At this time, there were no idols of gods and goddesses in this temple.

Syed Raza Abbas, assistant security officer of North Zone of Rawalpindi, said that about 10 to 12 people broke into this temple.

The doors and staircases have been damaged in the exterior of this 74-year-old temple. Its construction has also been hampered.

The administration of this temple, Om Prakash, said that after this incident, the security of the temple along with his house has been increased.

Sabotage during rebuilding and repair work 74 years old Hindu temple in Pakistan - JIOTVVINEE

The Hindu community there has also asked the Government of Pakistan to ensure the safety of their places of worship.

Significantly, in the country of Pakistan, there is nothing to attack in the temples of Hindus.

In the month of December last year, at the instigation of a cleric in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, a mob demolished the temple of a historical Hindu.

Then later his local government announced the reconstruction of the temple. Apart from this, the attacks of Hindus and the kidnapping of Hindu girls, along with the incidents of forced marriage are also very common.


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