Saba Karim reacts to R Ashwin’s statement about Ravi Shastri

Saba Karim reacts to R Ashwin’s statement about Ravi Shastri: At present, the controversy with the Indian team’s Test captain Virat Kohli and the BCCI has not stopped yet and on the other hand, a new controversy has arisen.

Saba Karim reacts to R Ashwin's statement about Ravi Shastri
Saba Karim reacts to R Ashwin’s statement about Ravi Shastri

Due to which discussions have started on social media with great speed. In such a situation, India’s legendary off-spinner R Ashwin has made a big statement about Ravi Shastri, which has started a new debate.

After this statement of Ashwin, former India wicketkeeper Blbuzz Vas Karim even gave the ball that such statements can spoil the balance and atmosphere of the team very much. Actually, R Ashwin said in his statement that he was very disappointed with former India coach Ravi Shastri and says that Shastri had declared Kuldeep Yadav as the best spinner on foreign soil.

With reference to his statement, R Ashwin said in his latest statement that I have a lot of respect for Ravi Bhai, although we all respect him a lot, I was quite broken by his statement. We all know that we should be happy with the performance of our fellow players and during that time I was also very happy for Kuldeep Yadav.

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Yes, I agree that I have never taken 5 wickets in Australia but Kuldeep Yadav has done so. I know how big it is for him and for the entire team. In this statement, Ashwin further said, after this, if I join in his happiness and then the happiness of my team’s success, then I should also be made to feel that I am also part of a team.

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If I am thrown off the bus, which player and team will I celebrate with? He said that during that time I came back to my room and talked to my wife. After that, I too joined in the joy of that victory because it was a huge victory.

Nikhil Chopra and Saba Karim reacted to this statement of Ashwin –

After this statement of R Ashwin, Saba Karim said that it is very difficult to keep the atmosphere of the team balanced when it comes to this method. In such a situation, he said that now the role of Rahul Dravid is going to be very important.

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Under such circumstances, no pressure should be put on the captain. After this, another former India cricketer Nikhil Chopra also said about Ashwin’s statement that Ravi Shastri had declared chinaman bowler Kuldeep Yadav as the best spinner on foreign soil.

Yes, you have to do this many times to boost the morale of your players, but during this time you should also understand that it should not hurt the rest of our team.


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