Recent Defence updates – Army Special Strike Drone, PARA Commando Lost His Life, Army Mental Stress

Recent Defence updates – Army Special Strike Drone, PARA Commando Lost His Life, Army Mental Stress

π•π•šπ• π•‹π•§π•§π•šπ•Ÿπ•–π•– – According to the Recent Defence updates, we talk about certain types of drones used by para commandos. In 2016, there was a surgical strike on the terror launch pad which was present in the Indian Special Forces Pakistan Occupied Kashmir.

So during this entire operation, a small special kind of customized drone helped to show the commandos the way forward.

And that drone was Champak, flying in front of the commandos. So if an enemy is sitting somewhere ambush.

So the commandos should be alert about him before that, completely. The customized drone that was used in this surgical strike operation.

It was manufactured by an Auto Micro USB Limited company based in Kaladi, Kerala. Let me tell you that this company is mainly run by retired Indian Airforce officers.

And the same company had customized such drones at its laboratory in Hyderabad, according to the needs of the Indian Army, a few weeks before the surgical strike.

And not only that, but this company also trained Soldiers to operate this customer. And this kind of drone was used in surgical strike operations.

Champak is a special kind of drone. And so their makers have preserved it as a historical symbol in the Kaldi itself.

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And on behalf of the officer of this company, it has been told that we have been associated with Indian Air Force in different programs since 2015.

Which includes many special types of drones. And the officer of the same company also says that when the officers of PARA Commando came to him.

And they told. That they need a little don for a party cooler task. Apart from this, no information was given about them.

The drone that is to be used in the surgical strike mission. However, information was given about it by the commanding officer after the mission was completed.

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Recent Defence updates – Army Special Strike Drone, PARA Commando

This drone was to have some repair work. So that was brought to us. And then we came to know. How did our drone save the soldiers from going?

And now this is the drone. It has got PARA Commando permission. And it has been saved as a memento. And no one was charged for the company. He had just requested a commanding officer.

After the completion of the work, he should return them, so that it can preserve and the company named this special drone, Champak Drone. These are Recent Defence updates news.