Prithvi missile test successful for the first time in India, what is special about this

Prithvi missile: Today India’s missile technology is modern and advanced in the world. Along with this, it is also self-sufficient. But this journey of self-reliance has been long.

One of the important days is 25 February 1988, when India successfully test-fired the Prithvi missile for the first time.

This was a major achievement for the Indian security system, as the country created a stir in the strategic world by creating surface-to-surface missiles with completely indigenous technology.

The development of this missile was only a beginning and a small but very important step after which Indian security technical scientists did not look back.

But this Prithvi missile, later called Prithvi-1 missile, did not develop overnight. The Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP) began in 1983.

What is IGMDP and who started it –

Former President of India, called Missile Man, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad played a key role in the event.

The IGMDP program was under his supervision. At the time of its inception, when the then Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi started the program and allocated a budget of 300 crores.

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Apart from Prithvi, the development of Akash, Nag, Trishul and Agni missiles under the IGMDP program.

Integrated Guided Missile Development Program has also been successful operated by India and at the moment India is trying to increase the strength of Agni Meel.

While Akash, Nag, Trishul have become part of the Indian armies with fire. Prithvi’s initial or range was only 150 kilometers, which has been increased to 600 kilometers in the year 2004.


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