Playback Singer Jyotica Tangri heard the magic of the sound scattered from the roof of the house

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Playback Singer Jyotica Tangri

Bollywood Playback Singer Jyotica Tangri Live Concert: Jalandhar-based Bollywood Playback Singer Jyotica Tangri has recently performed a live concert from the terrace of her house which has been enjoyed by her neighboring audience.

Let me tell you, this playback singer of Bollywood Jyothika Tangdi has done this feat from her home. In Jalandhar city, Kapurthala Road locality has performed live concert from the terrace of his house in Raja Garden.

He initially sang the song ‘Choti Chhoti Galla Da Gunga Naa Maasana Kar …’ one by one and then many other melodious songs.

Bollywood playback singer Jyothika Tangdi performed a live concert from the terrace of her house at Raja Garden in Kapurthala Road area in Jalandhar on Monday night.

Neighbors became part of the concert by sitting in the roofs and balconies of their homes. Jyothika started off with ‘Chhoti-Chhoti Galla Da Gunga Naa Maana Kar …’ and then attracted everyone with melodious songs one after the other.

Playback Singer Jyothika Tangdi’s Success Story

1. We would like to tell you that this 22-year-old playback singer has graduated from SD College and PGDCA Khalsa College.

2. His mother’s name is Bhavna Tangdi and he is employed in administration at Seth Hukmchand SD Public School.

3. Singer Jyothika Tangdi started singing the song from the year 2012 itself. Then the shadow of father Rajiv Tangdi rose from his head. Mother Bhavna was standing at the crossroads of life at that time.

4. Jyothika Tangdi’s mother had two big challenges like running a family after her husband’s death and bringing her talent to flourish inside Jyothika.

5. In this challenging moment, his mother did not allow the children to feel their pain. When Mumbai was standing with her arms extended for Jyothika, the mother did not take a moment to approve. Rather, encouraged by saying that Ja Beti, now your real destination is in Mumbai.


3. Jyothika songs in BollywoodΒ 

His songs have received several million views on YouTube. She has sung about 8 songs in Bollywood and Pollywood so far. Her first song in Bollywood was Jai Maa from the film ‘Bahn Hogi Teri’.

Jyotica Tangri received the Best playback singer award in 2018

She told me that she has been taking training from Guru Dhamendra Kathak since she was 6 years old. He always guided. He was awarded the Best Playback Singer Female Zee Cine Award 2018 for Pallo Pankai … for Aana’s song Pallo Pankaj. Expressing happiness about the award, Jyothika said that it was a very special moment for me, which I will always remember.