Pinjra Khubsurati Ka 24th March 2021 full episode: Will Mayura’s truth be revealed to Omkar and his mother?

Pinjra Khubsurati Ka 24th March 2021 full episode: In the next episode of the serial Pinjra Khubsurati Ka, we will see that Mayura was seen giving a big step for Tara’s freedom.

As we saw that Tara is taken with Mayura to her house. We will also see from the other side that for the happiness of Tara, she calls a lot of small children to her house with whom Tara Plays comfortably.

Tara enjoys it a lot and does not even get good friends. No, Mayura is overjoyed to see Tara like this. Here Baba of Omkar comes to know that nobody else but Mayura is taking care of Tara.

Regarding this, he speaks to Mayura to tell Tara that she is his real mother, but only then I speak to him that it is not right now, this time is right, then she will tell everything to the stars.

Omkar’s mother is very angry here. Then in the next episode, we will get to see that Omkar’s mother is seen filling up against the woman on Monday.

She speaks to Omkar that all this is the cause of problems and no one but Mayura. Mayura speaks to Omkar about why he did something like this with Tara.

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Then Omkar gives a clarification, he says that he did nothing but I say that I know everything. As Mayura turns her face black due to which Omkar does not recognize her, he thinks that there is another woman.

Why does Omkar speak to Mayura about all these things that he has found out everything about him Mayura is a little scared to hear all these things and he seems to think that Omkar has not known all the truth about him.

In the next episode of Serial Pinjra Khubsurati Ka or it will be quite interesting to see if Mayura’s truth comes out in front of Omkar and his mother.


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