Pinjara Khubsurti ka 15 March 2021 full episode: Tara’s life in danger, How will Mayura save?

Pinjara Khubsurti ka 15 March 2021 full episode: We will get to see and many fun twists in the episodes ahead of the serial Pinjara Khubsurti ka.

In the following episodes, a new twist will come in the life of Mayura and Omkar.

In this serial, we will see further that Mayura meets her daughter. Let me tell you that Mayura’s daughter’s name is Tara.

Mayura State is distributing prasad outside the temple to the poor, when she gets her daughter Tara there. Tara is searching for her father Omkar outside the temple.

Tara gets separated from her grandmother there, so she appears searching for Omkar.

Then we will see another exciting moment in the serial. Tara who runs to the middle of the road searching for Omkar.


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Then an uncontrollable car appears on the road. But then Mayura’s eye falls on Tara. But Mayura knows if Tara is his own daughter.

In such a situation, Tara gets very nervous to see this car coming on the road. In the following episodes, we’ll see Mayura save Tara.

After saving Tara, she kisses his head. After this Mayura realizes a different kind. He feels as if he is a member of his household.

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In the following episodes, we will see that Omkar also arrives there, searching for Tara. Omkar is shocked when he sees Tara with Mayura, but he does not know that Tara’s life has been saved by Mayura.

Thus, what will be interesting to see in the upcoming episode of Serial Pinjara Khubsurti ka is about to change the life of Mayura and family after meeting Tara.


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