Pinjara Khubsurti ka 12 February 2021 full episode: New twist in the story, Mayura and Neil break off engagement

Pinjara Khubsurti ka: Omkar won’t let Neil and Mayura get married in upcoming episodes of Pinjara Khubsurti ka. Omkar will take Mayura from the pavilion.

Actually, the upcoming episode is going to be very bang. Because Omkar will run away by picking up Mayura from the pavilion after entering it like a hero.

And nobody will be able to do anything. In fact, on the show, till now Omkar got engaged to Mayura. As far as the mehndi function, Omkar’s name was written on Mayura’s hand.

And Neil could not get into any function. In all the functions performed, Omkar was seen in place of Neil. in the next episode very interesting.

Because Neil will not be able to marry Mayura. And sleep will not succeed in its purpose. Because Neil is after her to marry Mayura. And he wants to avenge something from Omkar.

This proves that Neil does not love Mayura. He wants to take revenge for his motive from Omkar. That is why he wants to see Omkar falling apart.

And that can happen only then. When Mayura separates from Omkar forever. That’s why Doctor Neil is after her to marry Mayura.

But Neil will not succeed in his cause. Wow, I will try my best. But when the pavilion will have an alphabetical function between Mayura and Neil.

Then Omkar enters the pavilion by hitting the entry like a hero on a bike. And from there, carrying Mayura on a bike, he runs away.

Everyone will be surprised to see Mayura carrying this. But here is when Omkar will come to raise Mayura. So he will come on a bike with a helmet.

Which no one will recognize him. But it is obvious that he is the only man who does not want to be married. Everyone will suspect Omkar and he will go out to find them both.

Neil then sneaks out of the house to find Mayura and Omkar. In the coming episodes, it may happen that we get to see the fight between Omkar and Neil again.

But now it is certain that Omkar will not allow Mayura. He will not allow her to sleep in marriage. We will soon come to Mayura with her truth.

Now Omkar will also tell Mayura the truth of Dr. Neil and Aishwarya. Which may make Mayura remember her past as well.

And the story completely reverses. It will be known only in the coming episodes in Pinjara Khubsurti ka serial.


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