Paper Bag Day 2021 Special: Why we should use paper bags instead of plastic bags

Paper Bag Day 2021 Special: Like every year, Paper Bag Day is being celebrated on 12th July this year as well. ‘eradicate plastic and safeguard Earth’ is the theme of paper bag day 2021.

This day is celebrated to prove the usefulness of paperbacks instead of plastic so that people understand the importance of paper bags and instead of using plastic bags, use paperbacks instead.

As you all will know that due to excessive use of plastic in the whole world, the level of pollution has increased a lot.

Due to which people are facing severe difficulty in breathing. Because water and air have become very much contaminated with plastic bottles.

In some cities like Delhi and Beijing, the level of pollution has increased so much that if a person breathes in the open air here, it will be as deadly as a person who smokes a cigarette.

Paper Bag Day 2021

Because the toxic gases in the air have spread so much that on breathing they go into the human body and affect his lungs a lot, which is causing new diseases every day.

The only way to stop all this is to avoid using plastic bags as much as possible. And use paper sites instead. And plant plants around you as much as possible, so that we can get clean air and we can improve our health.

Let us tell you that it takes years to give up plastic whereas paper bags take less time. And it can also be easily recycled. Therefore, to prevent this increasing effect on environmental pollution, we must use paper bags instead of plastic.

Paper Bag Day 2021 Special ( Difference between paper and plastic bags ) –

We will know the main difference between a plastic bag and a paper bag one by one and know what are its advantages and what are the disadvantages.

Paper Bag Day 2021
Paper Bag Day 2021
Paper bag day 2021 theme eradicate plastic and safeguard Earth
Paper Bag Plastic Bag
Recycled easily
Recycled Hard
Produces less pollution when burned Produces more pollution when burned
Rots quickly Rots much time
Animals die not by eating Paper bags Animals die by eating plastic bags
Paper bags can be composted Plastic bags cannot be composted
Manufacturing Paper bags consume less energy Manufacturing plastic bags consumes a lot of energy

What is the history of paper bags?

Paper Bag Day 2021: About paperback history In 1852, an American inventor made the first paper bag machine. Whose name was Francis Wole?

Later in 1871, Margaret E Knight developed a special type of machine with the help of which flat bottom paper bags could be made.

With the help of Paper Bag Day, celebrated every year on 12th July, the awareness about paper bags is to be increased among the people. RELATED| Jagannath Puri Rath Yatra 2021: Today the Rath Yatra will leave without devotees on the second day

However, it has also had an impact on many conscious people in the city who are now using paperbacks instead of plastic packs.

Due to this our pollution can also be controlled to a great extent. Therefore, we request all of you that you all should use paper bags instead of plastic bags.


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