Namak Issk Ka Written Update, Episode 118 Kahani seems to be moving away from Yug

Namak Issk Ka Written Update, Episode 118: In the next episode of this serial, you will see that Kahani seems to be moving away from Yug.

The same we get to see further than Iravati plans a big conspiracy to get Yug away from Kahani.

The main reason behind Iravati doing this is that she has promised Gunjan that she will in any case get Yug married by Gunjan in the next 10 days.

Therefore, Iravati seems to be doing everything possible to get Kahani away from Yug. Iravati also uses her black powers to remove Yug from Kahani.

Irawati does black magic on Yug so that when Kahani gets close to him, his head hurts very fast, due to which Yug is frustrated and angry at Kahani and tells him a lot.

The same we get to see in further episodes of this serial that Yug tries to get closer to Kahani with the power of his love.

But despite this, his headaches continue to grow, Kahani is seen getting away from Yug, Kahani does this so that Yug’s head does not hurt.

The same Iravati gives a warning to Kahani that if she stays close to Yug and anywhere in this house, it will hurt Yug’s head.

Do not hurt Yug’s head, for this, you will have to leave this house and go forever. Kahani Yug’s chin is seen as a reason. And she leaves the house for his good and goes away.

Irawati is overjoyed to see Kahani getting away from home, as her move seems to be successful once again.

In the following episodes of this serial, we get to see that Iravati plans ahead and to end Yug and Kahani’s relationship forever and forever.

Here, Iravati came to know that in the face of the power of the love of Kahani and Yug, her dark powers are weakening.

In the following episodes of this type of serial Namak Issk Ka Written Update episode 118, it will be much more interesting to see how Kahani will face Iravati to save her love.


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