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Namak Issk ka written update: In the next episode of Namak Issk ka, we will get to see that Gunjan will be seen wearing a gun in his hands to shoot Kahani.

As we get to see in further episodes that Yug confesses to all the family that he is in love with Kahani, not Gunjan. Hearing this, Yug’s mother as well as all the family’s senses go away.

On the other hand, we get to see that Gunjan is constantly trying to get Yug, she has agreed to go to any lengths to acquire Yug.

The same Gunjan is unknowingly going to take some big step which can become a problem for Kahani.

In this way, Gunjan becomes absolutely insane, then she blushes and targets Kahani. In the next episode, we will see that when Yug is leaving the house with Kahani and his sister Rani, Gunjan stops her in the middle.


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Gunjan carries a gun in his hands and threatens to kill Kahani. The same Gunjan tells Yug that if you have to go then you go from here.

But I will end Kahani’s game today, only then Kahani takes advantage of this opportunity and opens the bangles worn in her hands and throws them towards Gunjan.

So that the gun drops from Gunjan’s hands and falls down and taking advantage of this opportunity, Yug takes Gun from Gunjan’s hands.

The same Gunjan tells Kahani that she has taken away my love from me, under no circumstances am I going to leave it.

The same we will get to see in the next episode of Namak Issk ka, while snatching the gun from Gunjan, the gun goes off in a tug-of-war between Yug and Gunjan.

All the family members are shocked to hear the sound of gunfire. How will we get to see the explosive twist in the following episodes? It would be a lot of interest to see which one of these two sounds like the gunshot Yug or Gunjan.

On the other hand, Iravati has also returned and she is ready to go to any extent to get Gunjan’s happiness.


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