Namak issk ka today written update: Kahani will suit itself under the control of Iravati

Namak issk ka today Written update: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kahani will take a long time so Gunjan and Yug will get married.

Actually, Yug and Gunjan will get married in the show, while Kahani will realize that she cannot lose her husband i.e. Yug in front of her stubbornness. So she will rush to stop the marriage but by the time she reaches home, Yug and Gunjan will be married.

And in the coming episodes, Kahani speaks about this in front of the media, which makes her even angrier after seeing it. And says that when Kahani has more justice than me, then I also have my family more than Kahani.

And announces in front of everyone that Yug and Gunjan will get married and where Yug was saying that till the story does not come, there will be no rounds.

But now Yug will not wait for Kahani and he will complete his marriage with Gunjan and Saroj Iravati and Gunjan will be very happy to see that their plan is successful.

The same Roopa will be very sad and upset how her family is playing a game to separate Kahani and Yug.

And now Roopa will just pray that Kahani and Yug get to know the truth at the right time and their lives are saved from getting ruined.


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But now it has to be seen that when Kahani reaches home, Yug and Gunjan will have been married, so what will be Kahani’s reaction after seeing this.

But now it has to be seen that after the marriage of Yug and Gunjan, which new storm will come into Kahani’s life. And will Yug oust Kahani from her life and home and will Kahani leave Yug and go away.


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