Namak Issk ka Today written update, Episode 142: Now Yug will celebrate his honeymoon with Kahani

Namak Issk ka today’s written update, Episode 142: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka, we will see Kahani and Yug get back together again. No one else but Roopa accompany them.

Yes, we get to see in the next episodes that Yug and Gunjan’s honeymoon is celebrated. But Roopa does not allow anything like this to happen.

The same Roopa takes Gunjan to a different room and makes her sleep. The same Kahani herself drinks the intoxicated milk given by Iravati and Saroj.

We will get to see further that when Kahani goes to Yug’s room, she will feel dizzy. Due to which she will fall, after which Yug will lift her in his lap and recite it on his bed, after which Kahani will regain consciousness.

Kahani will try to leave from there but Roopa will lock the room of both of them so that she will not be able to go out. The same Roopa locks the room from outside so that Kahani cannot come out of that room. All the family members will feel that Gunjan and Yoga are in the room.

It will be quite interesting to see that when Iravati comes to know that the honeymoon happened not with Gunjan of Yug but with Kahani, then what will be her reaction.

Then which ruckus will Iravati create? So that Namak Issk ka Today written update, Episode 142 to be more exciting.


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