Namak Issk ka today written update, Episode 141: After Yug and Gunjan get married, kahani will take a big step

Namak Issk ka Today Written update, Episode 141:In the upcoming episode of Kahani, we will see that Kahani will be tested. Actually, after Yug and Gunjan get married, efforts will be made to unite the two.

In the coming episodes, we will see that Saroj and Iravati will again play a new trick so that Yug and Gunjan can become one and Yug can take Gunjan out of his heart forever. So both Saroj and Iravati will mix the drug in milk and ask Kahani to give it to Gunjan.

After which Kahani will take her away and come to Gunjan and Yug, but then Yug’s grandmother will stop Kahani and say that the serpent herself has brought milk.

Actually, they will suspect Kahani that she must have mixed something in the milk and she will not let Gunjan give that milk to Kahani.

And she will take Kahani’s test and will ask Kahani to drink milk, while Kahani will also try to convince Dadi that she has not done anything like this, she has not mixed anything in milk.

But Dadi will not believe Kajhani’s words and will give her milk, while Saroj and Iravati must have mixed drugs in that milk.


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This means that Kahani is going to be in a state of intoxication after drinking milk, but now it has to be seen whether Gunjan and Yug will be able to be together or will Kahani and Yug be together once again.

Although Kahani will drink milk to prove her innocence, now it has to be seen whether Kahani will be able to reach Yug.

And what do you guys think will be Kahani with Yug or with Gunjan? So that Namak Issk ka Today written update, Episode 141 to be more exciting.


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