Namak Issk ka today written update, Episode 140: Kahani will withdraw her case

Namak Issk ka Today written update, Episode 140 – In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kahani will withdraw her case and return home to punish the real Gunegar.

In fact, Kahani’s life will be saved in the show and she will take back her case which she had done against her Baba.

And then both Kahani and her baba will return home together and Iravati and all the people of the house will also perform her aarti.

But Iravati must have become very angry seeing Kahani safe and she will tell Kahani that you have left your baba and you have no relation with Yug, then why have you come back to this house.

After which Kahani will tell Iravati that I have come to punish the real Gunegar, after hearing which Iravati will be fond of which criminal Kahani is talking about.


Namak issk ka today written update: Kahani will suit itself under the control of Iravati

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Although Kahani’s relationship with Yug is broken because Yug is married to Gunjan, but Kahani will return home as a daughter and the same Iravati will tell Kahani that who will punish the real culprit and we will say Kahani.

This means that Kahani has come to know that all this was Iravati’s game, Iravati, Gunjan and Saroj together broke her and Yug’s relationship.

By the way, what do you think Kahani is talking about, and who will be punished, is that criminal Iravati only. So that Namak Issk ka Today written update, Episode 140 to be more exciting.


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