Namak Issk Ka 3 June 2021 Written Update: Kahani will file a case against Ravikant Baba

Namak Issk Ka 3 June 2021 Written Update: In the upcoming episode, we will see that Kahani will take a big step and sue her Ravikant Baba.

Actually, a big twist will be seen in the show as Kahani has now come to know that her Baba is none other than Baba Ravikant Verma of Gunjan and Rupa Di.

Although Kahani will be happy to know that her father has been found, she is sadder that her father had left her in childhood.

And now Kahani is going to ask all the same questions to her Ravikant Baba. Actually, Kahani will break even more after knowing the truth.

And she will also ask many questions to her baba i.e. Ravikant that why did he leave her alone in childhood. After which Kahani will tell Ravikant that I thought that whenever I meet my Baba, I will hug tightly and will cry a lot and be happy too.

And will say that but I will not hug you, I will do whatever I want to do. And in anger, Kahani will take a big decision and will announce in front of everyone that she will file a case against Ravikant.

And will Kahani be able to accept Ravikant as her baba after knowing the truth or not and whether Yug will support Kahani after knowing the truth or not.


And will Yug come to know that Kahani is Ravikant’s daughter, then Yug will also know that Kahani is his lost childhood friend.

Will Yug and Kahani’s relationship change after knowing the whole truth and will the rift between the two disappear.


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