Namak Ishq Ka16th March 2021 full episode: Yug became a lover of Kahani, Romantic moment

Namak Ishq Ka16th March 2021 full episode: We will get to see some romantic and interesting scenes of Kahani and Yug in the episodes ahead of the serial Namak Ishq Ka.

In the following episodes, we will see that Kahani seems to be successful in knowing the truth of her mother and Baba.

By the way, Kahani is unknowingly married to Yug, because Yug did not like Kahani, but after getting married and after knowing all the truth, Yug started to like him directly.

Kahani is beginning to like Yug. That is, now he does not want Yug to go through his life. It is because of this that she opposes Yug when Yug tries to make Gunjan a vermilion.


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Now slowly, somewhere, Yug has started feeling that Kahani is none other than his old friend, who had separated him a long time ago.

On the same straight position and knowing his truth, Yug slowly starts to believe in his character. She seems to think that Kahani is somewhere right in her place.

When Kahani does not have money to feed the children, Yug keeps the money in her purse. In the next episode of serial Namak Ishq Ka.

We are going to see that Rani speaks to Kahani that Didi bring a phone for us. Kahani tells Rani that she does not have the money, and Rani then tells Kahani that she brought a phone for her by dancing as if she had brought food for her by dancing.

Namak Ishq Ka15th March 2021 full episode: jiotvvinee
Namak Ishq Ka: Kahani’s Ma and Baba’s secret was revealed, Yug supported Kahani

Yug is listening to these things happening between them and Rani becomes very happy.

Seeing Yug and Kahani coming closer, Gunjan and all the household members get very angry. And he is once again making a new plan to get Kahani away from Yug’s life.


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