Namak Ishq Ka15th March 2021 full episode: Kahani’s mother and Baba’s secret was revealed, Yug supported Kahani

Namak Ishq Ka15th March 2021 full episode: In the upcoming episodes of the serial Namak Ishq Ka, we will see that a new truth about the family is going to come in front of Kahani.

Here Yug wants to get Kahani out of the house. In the next episode of the serial, you will see that Kahani will soon be revealed in front of her mother and Baba’s secret.

That is, the thing behind which he has got so much trouble is right now he is going to get it. In the following episodes, you will see Kahani giving Gunjan’s Baba a call in which she tells all the truth to write to him.

In the next episode, we will see that Kahani speaks to Gunjan’s Baba that whatever she knows about her mother and Baba.


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She will have to write in this phone. After which we will get to see, then Gunjan’s Baba writes all the truth of Kahani’s parents in that phone.

After which Kahani comes to know that she is not a dancer but the daughter of this house. Only then will we get to see a twist in further episodes.

In the next episode, we will see that Iravati Gunjan’s Baba is seen searching in the house. As soon as Iravati sees Gunjan’s Baba she walks over to him.

The same we get to see that Gunjan’s snatch the phone Iravati from Baba’s hands. So that once again Kahani fails to know the truth of her mother and Baba.

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But by that time, baba has written the truth in that phone. But because of not knowing Iravati, she is unable to read the message of the phone back.

By the way, it is written in that message that the Baba of Gunjan is the Baba of Kahani. But will this happen, will Kahani be able to read that message.

She will know whether her relative is from home or will read the message Iravati. We will get to see all this in the upcoming episode of the serial Namak Ishq Ka.


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