Namak Ishq ka written update: Kahani and Yug are married, Kahani will take revenge from Raunak

Namak Ishq ka written update: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see whether Yug will give the status of his wife, will he stop her?

As we saw in the last episode, Kahani and Yug are married. That same Iravati shoots at Kahani. The family refuses her to go anywhere and asks her to rest.

But as soon as Kahani becomes conscious she asks to leave from where she says that she will not stop where she is insulted.

Kahani is going on from there and Raunak is very happy to see that he can marry Kahani again because neither Kahani considers this marriage nor the Yug.

But Yug sees the happiness on Raunak’s face and he realizes that Raunak is still behind the Kahani that is why Yug does not let Kahani go.

Yuga will give Kahani the status of his wife but only and only by name. Yug stops Kahani just to show his brother and takes him to his room by lifting him on his lap.

Seeing all this, Iravati gets a big shock, as well as Gunjan, gets a shock. Because the young man is married to Kahani and he is ready to accept this marriage but the reality is only Kahani and anyone who knows.

Namak Ishq ka 9 February 2021 preview: Raunak will do new drama to get Kahani
Namak Ishq ka: Raunak will do new drama to get Kahani

All the family members will feel that they want to marry the marriage of both of them, but it will play this marriage only to show their brothers and people so that Raunak does not follow Kahani again.

The young man will torture Kahani a lot but Kahani is also not among those who remain silent.

She will soon reveal the truth of Raunak to everyone as well as the truth of Iravati. How she ruins people by witchcraft and tries to kill her. The upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Kar will be very dangerous and fun.


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