Namak Ishq Ka written update 9th April 2021: Yug confesses Kahani to his wife, Gunjan reaction


Namak Ishq Ka written update 9th April 2021: In the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Yug gives Kahani will see the answer to the biggest question of his life, the love between them now.

Where Yug talks about his heart to Kahani in a state of intoxication. The same question that Kahani asked Yug, what do you think of me, and gives him the answer to Yug Kahani.

Actually, when Kahani comes to her senses, she sets out to find her two siblings, Rani and Manas.

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And the life of the queen is in danger. But Yug saves the queen. Then the same woman leaves Kahani quietly from there, who saved Kahani’s life.

After which Kahani tells the woman all her sorrows and pain, after which she gives the same advice to Kahani that if he is torturing you then you should also torture him.


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If you will not go in front of your house and anyone, then it will be better. And Kahani decides that she does not go to Yug and to her sister Rani and stays with the same woman for a few days. But Yug finds Kahani to find out where she is.

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Kahani is playing with some children, Kahani is blindfolded, when Yug comes there and Kahani catches him.

And Kahani realizes that it is none other than Yug. After that Yug removes Kahani’s blindfold, and tells him that I have found the answer to your question.

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Yug says that I had filled your demand in front of all the world, so I consider you my wife. Now it will be interesting to see in the Namak Ishq Ka written update upcoming episodes whether Yug will be able to give Kahani the status of a daughter-in-law in her house.

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And whether Kahani has found the answer to her questions, will she be ready to go with Yug or not.


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