Namak Ishq ka written update 8 February 2021 preview: Raunak’s romantic style with Kahani

Namak Ishq ka written update 8 February 2021 preview: Raunak's romantic style with Kahani - jiotvvinee
Raunak's romantic style with Kahani

Namak Ishq ka written update: In the upcoming episodes of Namak Ishq ka, you will see that a unique wedding is going to happen.

Wherever Yug is trying every possible thing, Raunak and Kahani are not married, his every effort is failing.

Yug will come to know that Kahani is sitting in the wedding pavilion, not his mother-in-law, so he breaks his marriage and comes from Kahani and says that you will not get upset with your antics.

Even after every effort, you do not understand. Because Yug has promised Iravati that he will not allow his sister-in-law’s house to be destroyed.

Therefore he will fulfill his promise at any cost. After this, Yug will have only one way left. Yug will marry Kahani so that his brother will not marry Kahani.

The couple will fill the demand of Kahani in front of all the family members, after which all the families will get a big shock especially Gunjan and Raunak.

Yug may have married Kahani to save the house of his sister-in-law but he does not accept Kahani as his wife and he will always punish Kahani.

After which it will not be difficult for Kahani to be performed, but when Yug comes to know all the truth of Kahani, then he will definitely support Kahani.

Now in the coming episodes, it will be interesting to see whether the family members of Yug will accept Kahani as their daughter-in-law or not.

Will those people accept a Nachniya as their daughter-in-law? The upcoming episode of Namak Ishq ka to be more interesting.