Namak Ishq ka written update 16 February 2021 episode: Kahani will be insulted, Will Yug support?

Namak Ishq ka written update: In the upcoming episode of Namak Ishq Ka, you will see that Kahani will try to tell Yug about their relationship.

After knowing the childhood friendship, will the hatred between Yug and Kahani come to an end? While Kahani comes to know that Yug is his childhood friend.

Iravati’s husband also comes to know that Kahani is about his daughter, but Kahani does not know who his father is. Will reach here.

Kahani remembers that Yug’s Baba and Kahani’s Baba used to be very good friends. In the upcoming episodes, we will now see that Kahani goes to Yug and says that I have to talk to you very important.

Kahani will tell from Yug that you wanted to know why I did not leave this house and this is the reason for this key.

And she shows the key to Yug. But you may not see the key and not reach the truth. Surely someone will come there and he will ignore Kahani.

On the other hand, all the family members will be seen cursing Kahani and would not like to accept her as a daughter-in-law.

And Kahani will be quite unbecoming but Yug will be seen supporting Kahani all the time. You will see in the Namak Ishq ka written update coming episodes that Kahani will try to tell Yug its childhood truth.


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